Chalo Dalal Street

I was appointed as the HRD Director at M-Circle for the year 2015-16. The job of the HRD team is to organise programs, events, workshops which benefits the members, in our language: programs which appreciate the NAV of the member’s knowledge.

M-Circle was founded in March’2012 by a group of youth belonging to Maheswari community in Chennai with intention of Connect-Fellowship-Business motive. Within few years the organisation has scaled new heights and has already inaugurated Kolkatta chapter and few more are under process including Mumbai.

Being a Certified Financial Planner and Investment Adviser myself and knowing the fact that majority of Marwadi’s invest in equity markets, we in the board, led by MC President Mr.Sekhar Chandak came up with an idea of visiting the Historical Dalal Street and the BSE. We named the event as “Chalo Dalal Street” The idea was that most of the people who invest in equity markets all their life, actually never visit the epicentre of the business. Even today when someone speaks about Indian Stocks Market, the first thing which comes to the mind is Dalal Street.

We further thought why not call the who’s who of the industry to address us. Almost 50 members from various cities confirmed to fly down to Mumbai for the event. After almost 60 days of follow up’s we were able to get confirmations from six big wigs of the industry, and most of them Maheswari’s.

Our sincere thanks to Mr.Ashish Chauhan (CEO BSE), Mr.Anand Rathi (Anand Rathi Securities), Mr.Ramesh Damani (Member BSE), Mr.Krishna Kumar Karwa (Emkay), Mr.Ramdeo Agarwal (Motilal Oswal), Mr.Kishore Biyani (Future & BIG Bazaar Group) for having addressed us.

The event happened exactly a month back on 7/August/2015 at BSE Building. This topic being related to Investments, and moreover since the learning’s make even more sense today, post the recent correction in markets, I thought why not post the same on the web so that everyone can read the same and benefit. Yes, I have orally taken the consent of MC board for posting this article.

Speaker.1: Mr. Ashish Chauhan, CEO of BSE

He introduced the guests to the Stock Exchange in his own unique way. He took the group through the history, the challenges faced by the Exchange in its evolution, the hard work of the team in relentlessly keeping pace with changing legislature and modernization of the markets. Mr. Ashish encouraged the small & medium sized family owned businesses to consider listing on BSE, and educated about the Platform that BSE offered for such opportunities.

Speaker.2: Mr. Anand Rathi of Anand Rathi Securities

We had asked him to speak about his own success story and what he is looking forward in Indian Equity Market. Vision 2020 was what we asked him to expand on.

He was very articulate on the focus and dedication one should have in his life to achieve success. He informed us that he studied in Hindi medium during his school and then did CA in English medium. None believed that he could do it. Today he is running a business with branch network of around 400.

He said by 2020 we will not be less than double of what we are today. Markets have lots in store for us. But still not everyone will profit from it. He was very clear that if investing is not your full time profession do it through investment advisers. Right advice will only take you forward.

Speaker.3: Mr. Ramesh Damani

Everyone knows RD in Indian markets. He is one of the wizards of Dalal street and also a friend of one of the most followed investor in India, the big bull RJ alias Rakesh Jhunjhunwala.

We requested Mr.Damani to speak on the lessons learnt in the markets and learning’s from others mistakes. He should us the cycles of various markets across the world since 1900’s and taught us about the irrational behaviour of investors at both the Top’s and the Bottom’s. Irrational behaviour is the No.1 mistake of the investors. He also gave us examples of certain companies which he bought when the market was in distress. Wait for distress and be greedy!

Speaker.4: Mr. Krishna Kumar Karwa of Emkay Share Brokers

We asked Mr. Karwa to speak on ‘How to Cut the Noise and Excess Info’ we get daily.

He was very articulate and each point of his was hitting us hard. He was very clear, during bad times you will get all negative info and during good times we get only good info. Everyone tries to sail with the trend. Don’t watch/read too much of info on stock markets.

Speaker.5: Mr. Ramdeo Agarwal, Motilal Oswal

We went to the MOS towers and were amazed to see their passion for markets even in the way they have constructed the office building. Every evening the building is lit up in Red or Green based on that day’s market movement.

He was very clear in his thoughts. He said everything which India requires to grow is in place now, including a stable government. There will be teething problems but then things and economy will fall in place. Not investing in equities in today’s situation will be the biggest mistake. This is the right time to participate in the growth phase which our country may see in times to come.

The slogan of Buy Right, Hold Tight, also suggests buying stocks at the right time, when they are under-valued and retaining them for long-term to see them grow multi-fold.

Speaker.6: Mr. Kishore Biyani, Future Group

There may rarely be anyone reading this, who has not entered a Big Bazaar store. It was a Retail & Trading Break-Out Session. He shared his unique philosophy of “Create and Destroy”, in life, and how it correlates to business. His vision for retail is farfetched and strong confidence in the Indian market space, suggested opportunities to participate in a growing sector. The core values of Future Group were highlighted, and a message on trust was shared with the members present.

The above speakers have surely changed the way many people and investors think. For people like me it was a full refresher course. Few of them who have never invested till date have decided to start in a small way after hearing the examples of these wizards.

On day two, we had business meet arranged by our past president Mr. Ravhee Laddha at Hotel JW Marriott, Juhu, which was participated in large numbers by Mumbai Maheswari’s. We had two great personalities Mr. KK Maheshwari, working for Aditya Birla group, for over three decades now and Mr. Akash Moondara, Ex CFO of, he enlightened the delegates regarding the potential opportunities in the e-commerce and the m-commerce space.

‘I sincerely thank MC President Mr.Sekhar Chandak and the team which supported me for the event. Their vital contribution was the reason behind the success of this event.’

*Vivek Karwa



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