Rexit… a term coined by Desperados.

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The whole market was focussing on Brexit and suddenly the letter of RBI governor Mr. Raghuram Rajan mentioning ‘he would not accept a second term’ became public and the hell broke loose.

The narrative was again a well planned one. It aimed at creating total hype. It almost made everyone go bonkers making them believe that it is end of India!

Before going further let me be very clear that R3 has been a great governor, no second thoughts on that. But as said, the narrative was again a well planned by those who are totally desperate being out of business after this government took office. Other examples of twisted narratives are of Tolerance debate, Hyderabad university and few others. Well I don’t want to make it totally political hence let’s stick to R3.

Actually the fact is that these desperados are not supporting R3, they are just shooting at India’s PM Narendra Modi using R3’s shoulders. I remember the song ‘kahin pe nigahen kahin pe nishana’

The so called news makers informed the unknowledgeable public two things:

1. Government fires Raghuram Rajan.

2. R3 resigns.

None of the two are correct. A term of RBI governor is of 5 years. R3 was given only 3 years term by earlier govt. (why?) His term is coming to an end on Sep’2016 and has said will not seek extension, nothing more nothing less. Government has Not Fired him, nor has R3 resigned.

No Individual can be supreme in any country or organisation. People will come and people will go but the country and the organisation will remain. Yes agreed a person can build a country/org or destroy it, hence they are also important, but cannot be placed above everything else when the time’s up.

Take any good leader… Gandhi’ji, Narasimha Rao, Modi, Raghuram Rajan, Narayana Murthy, Ratan Tata, cannot be permanent and will be replaced, may be with better person when the time arrives.

Idea here, as said above was to target Modi govt, they were successful too, making people believe that government is sending out a good person. Those who believed in this news, I can bet 90% won’t even know what good work R3 did.

They even said that Sensex would tank 500 points on Monday (today) on this news and millions of Dollars will fly out. Idea was just to scare people so that they turn against the govt.

When I on my Facebook page said, nothing of this sort will happen: ( some people started calling names and said people like me are Bhakts (again a term coined by these desperados). I even had to block a person for abusing.

Talking facts and figures has become a crime. When they cannot counter you on facts they abuse! It’s Modiphobia disease they are suffering with.

Sensex opened around –200 and didn’t stay in Red even for 30 minutes and has closed +241 points.

I’am just wondering what would have happened, in case for some other reason Sensex would have closed in negative, and what would have been the narrative had R3 been a non Hindu.

By doing all this, these intellectuals are only insulting R3 for his good work to the Indian economy. I just hope govt. gains some extra sense and offers R3 an extension. That would be the most tight slap for these people. Anyways it’s government prerogative. Who ever assumes office in Sep, the present policies of RBI will continue. As an investor we need not worry and please don’t listen to the nonsense these people are talking. Let your investments continue and let your SIP’s continue.

Finally its Modi who is answerable to us, he has to deliver and as a leader of the present day, he can and should choose what is right for the country. If something goes real bad, I will be the first person to write against it.

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Vivek Karwa


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