There is nothing called a Job Guarantee

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3 thoughts on “There is nothing called a Job Guarantee

  1. kamrupablog

    cruel joke for thousands at the mercy of their bosses struggling to survive so called apprisals..Cyrus Mistry has multiple jobs and it is unfortunate that his sacking is a talking point rather than those not covered by “corporate governance” or “labor laws”.


    1. VRIDHI Post author

      That is the exact reason we have mentioned ‘he can survive without a job’ can u? Aam Aadmi needs to keep his life planned.


  2. balakrishnan1947

    Mr. Cyrus Mistry has been removed from head of Tata sons and not from board. I understand he has been removed for acting single handedly (not in democratic way) and not concentrating on ailing companies. Real job guarantee is Insurance.



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