FDRI Bill 2017

Dear All,

Lot of negative, false rumours are being circulated on the WhatsApp groups and other social media that the Financial Deposit and Resolution Bill 2017 in short FDRI Bill is going to steal away your Fixed Deposits in banks.

Kindly don’t fall prey to such rumour mongering by unscrupulous people with mala fide intentions.

Your Deposits in Indian Banks are 100% Safe and Secure.

Inform this to your Friends, Colleagues and Relatives.

For Further Clarifications:


3 thoughts on “FDRI Bill 2017

  1. Sivakumar

    RBI and Govt of India must guarantee the principal and interest to the account holder in full 100% as this funds will help the bank with lending power and the economic growth.


  2. Sivakumar

    I don’t understand why these opposition groups are spreading such rumours. Come and fight and do good to public. One govt. is doing good to Indians sitting here support the move please don’t throw stones on them


  3. C R Ramanathan

    1. The current insureance of 1.0 lakh is irrespective of the Deposit amount. Correct me if I am wrong. Then what is the meaning of ” may be significantly higher”…this one reason for panic
    2. It is not about Banks not going to fund unsound companies. It is about the NPA mess and the pathetic situation they arein. Did they not know it before? What was RBI doing to protect depositors interest? All these Advertisements are ok…but where is the reality? Has wisdom come only after NPAas grew and Guv Rajan had to put his foot down on ” provisioning” & caution for write off before Mar 2017? That time also is gone.
    3. What makes you think Bail-in will not affect Sr Citizans? Were they spared from hardship when Note Ban was in ? With likely increase in strength in Rajya saba where is the solace coming from?

    So it is debatable who has malafide intentions; those crying wolf or those pushing things under the carpet?

    It is Sr Citizens who are more scared than the corporates/salaried



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