Roller Coaster Ride Ahead

190127 – Volatility has set in as expected. Again, like before, the same is invisible in the indexes, but when you dig deep into the market you find that enough damage has been done in the past 10 days. There was some recovery which tried coming in, and some of that has again been taken off. Justified! The market climbing by the stairs would be better, an investor should not expect an escalator type of recovery, that’s always dangerous.

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Now coming back to the markets:

I, still feel we would do better in 2019 than 2018. Leave the minor blips, I guess, in the previous post I had mentioned that my gut feeling says we may hit a new high before the Lok Sabha elections. Some people sent me counters, people don’t understand! I am in competition with none, and nor do I predict this short term. It’s just a gut feeling which may turn out to be real or may fail. If it fails, so be it.

Some people have been sending me WhatsApp messages and Facebook messages that America may crash and take India along with it. The scenario is totally different. Dow Jones on 3/12/2018 hit a high of 25980, it saw a steep correction and hit a low of 21712 on 26/12/2018, that’s 16% correction in a short span of time. The latest high on Dow is 24750 achieved on 18/1/2019 which again is a massive recovery in short span of time.

We did not move with Dow! India is adjusting to her own scenario.

What’s the lesson? We have to move very selectively for the next few months. The fact of the matter is that the valuations are cheaper now, and yet I am not able to freeze on the investment ideas easily. Meaning, a normal investors life would be much more difficult. We at VRIDHI will keep doing the hard work on behalf of you. Just stay connected with us. In the previous post, I had recommended three ideas, and all of them are stable even today. Read them by Clicking Here.

Also in the previous post to the previous, I had mentioned that we had recommended MGL to MarketFastFood clients and you know what? The stock is still stable. Don’t take this as a Buy recommendation since we may exit without any info. The exit ideas for the other three stocks will be posted on any of the above-mentioned platforms, hence stay connected.

India is adjusting to her own scenario. The market is factoring in all the possible outcomes of the elections. Don’t go with the doomsday sayers. Ignore them. Most of them have stopped getting their easy money and are predicting hell. Take my word, India is the best investment case in the world today. With China slowing down and US-China stress, India will fear in short term but gain in medium to long term.

So, be selective, take advice from your advisor, use strategies wherever possible and keep adding fresh money in these volatile times.

If you are a member in any WhatsApp group and would like me to contribute, feel free to add 93810-24365. No one to one messages, please.

At your service

Vivek Karwa

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