Sensex 2017

It gives us great pleasure in Inviting you for the Sensex’2017 program.

Do call up and register in advance.

There is No Registration Fees. Come and benefit.


Shifting of DP

To all #VRIDHI clients

MSEFSL is in the process of shifting DP operations to IL&FS. You would have received a letter informing about the same.

There won’t be any disturbance in the operations during this period, Hence You Can Ignore the Letter.


Dear Investors,

We have posted two videos for the benefit of the investors.



Since we may not be updating on the videos every time on VRIDHI website, request you all to Subscribe to the You Tube channel.



Videos in Tamil

We at VRIDHI have decide to post videos frequently in vernacular languages for the benefit of Investors. Do make use of the initiative.

The link to the intro video is here:

Email Groups

In order to make ‘Targeted Communication Easy’ we at VRIDHI have launched Email Groups which you can immediately subscribe to and stay connected. All important communications will be sent through these groups and hence don’t miss joining. All are Junk Free Groups.

1. VRIDHI Clients only:!forum/VRIDHI

2. VRIDHI Clients and Non Clients:

3. SWC Investors only:!forum/vridhiswc Click Here for more info.

4. MarketFastFood paid group:!forum/MarketFastFood Click Here for more info

If you are an existing family member of VRIDHI immediately join the groups applicable to you.

Also subscribe for email alerts by entering your mail id on left side of this website.

Those not having any formal relationship with VRIDHI can join group No.2 only.

For further details:

Equity Account Logins

The backend software of the Equity Account has been upgraded.

On Left of the screen you have Equity Account Old and Equity Account New

Login of Old remains same, for New login, the UN & PW is your client ID: 83XXX***** in Caps.

In case of queries: