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Gabbar Singh Lost! – Gujarat Elections Perspective

How do Gujarat Elections Results impact our Investments and the Markets?

First of all, don’t consider this article as political. Markets track politics very closely and hence it’s our duty to bring out 360 degree perspective of the results to the investors.

The Gujarat Elections Verdict was most sought after results by the country, government and the opposition. The very fact that, in spite of BJP winning 2/3rd majority in Himachal Pradesh, none of us are talking about that proves the importance of Gujarat Verdict.

Gujarat is one of the hubs of businesses in India, Textile and Diamond industry breaths and lives there. After Demonetisation and then implementation of GST, both these industries had almost come to a standstill. Coupled with 22 yrs of anti-incumbency and Modi moving away to Delhi, the ground was looking slippery for the BJP.

Thus we saw some welcome changes in the GST which basically settled the anger of the voters in South Gujarat particularly. I have been talking to Textile traders in Surat and they all were satisfied with the moves.

The results prove that People of India are with the Reforms. Only Reforms can take us forward.

With all due credit to Rahul Gandhi, he really did very smart campaigning this time. He started with the issues related to GST and people were able to relate the pain. But then due to lack of guidance he started sounding against reforms by calling GST as Gabbar Singh Tax. Further RG roped in the Pattidar leaders who were doing vote bank politics.

Had Rahul Gandhi stood by only with the problems faced by people, there were fair chances that Congress would have scrapped through the half way mark. Early trends in the morning were showing as if Gabbar Singh would win but then how all villains in movies lose at the end…

The result sends some good message to the markets. Sensex opened almost 600 points and then went back to green. High time the opposition stops talking against Demonetisation and GST. People are thinking differently.

The victory of BJP means the reforms may continue, also a lower victory for the BJP means the reforms will be more people friendly and not one sided.

Hence there are sectors which will benefit immensely with these expectations. Call your Investment Adviser and invest to make money.

Happy Investing

Vivek Karwa (You can follow VK here)

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FDRI Bill 2017

Dear All,

Lot of negative, false rumours are being circulated on the WhatsApp groups and other social media that the Financial Deposit and Resolution Bill 2017 in short FDRI Bill is going to steal away your Fixed Deposits in banks.

Kindly don’t fall prey to such rumour mongering by unscrupulous people with mala fide intentions.

Your Deposits in Indian Banks are 100% Safe and Secure.

Inform this to your Friends, Colleagues and Relatives.

For Further Clarifications:

Budget 2017

A quick view from Mr. Vivek Karwa on Budget 2017

I have been on every TV show telling that #Budget2017 will be the most important budget of this government.

Thanks to #DeMonetisation, govt has been able to announce many things which will benefit all people across the board.

Continue reading here:

The above views are personal. We will post a brief note later.

Market Closes Flat Amid Confusion!

The market closed today with marginal green on #Sensex and marginal red on #Nifty both not worth mentioning! The over hang of yesterdays Supreme Court judgement and the probable judgement on 1/sep/2014 is keeping the markets confused!

Most of the Metal and Power stocks remained under pressure factoring in the losses they may suffer in case the allocations are de-allocated!

The major concern was today seen in the banking sector. Many PSUs and Private banks had sizeable corrections anticipating the nightmare of loans, given to these companies turning into NPAs in case many mines and power plants were to be shut!

We feel the supreme court has reserved its judgement to analyse the aftermath if such a scenario was to occur. This may delay the economic recovery which every body is desperately waiting for!

The positive news amid these confusions was that the interest on housing loans has been reduced by SBI marginally. Though small, it sends a positive signal to other banks to follow suit since till now they were not willing to take the lead in doing so.

We feel the present stress in the Metals, Power and Banking sector is short term, the cleansing process is on and will help all sectors recover post things are clear from the supreme court.

Use opportunities to enter some good companies. Keep visiting this space for more updates.


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What Next on WTO?

‪#‎US‬ Secretary of State ‪#‎JohnKerry‬ has left Empty Handed this time! Don’t know with what face will he discuss things with ‪#‎Obama‬ now!

The previous UPA govt was almost about to sign the ‪#‎WTO‬ agreement, Anand Sharma, the then commerce minister had even hailed this anti-Bharat agreement!

‪#‎Modi‬ has just thrown this agreement into dustbin!

US has now got the real taste of what Bharat can stand for if real Nationalists rule the country!

Iam sure Most of us don’t understand WTO fully, why doesn’t the Media, show and debate this on TV instead of other trivial issues!

Why the so called anti-US parties like the Left and CPI, CPM are mum? Why don’t they hail this Pro-India move? They are quite just because Modi Sarkaar did this?

Difficult subject but will write about this to what ever extent I know in the next MFF article. Join the mailing list… see on left of the screen.