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130903 – Our market newsletter MarketFastFood has always received the best feedback, ever since it was started in the year 2008. Ofcourse, some of them have also been critical about our opinion on certain issues. We would like to be categorically clear that, we don’t write to please a section of people or the investors, but we write our opinion which might or might not match with some.

Some time back we received a feedback that writing articles tantamount to journalism, and a journalist should write without any bias. We would like to be very clear that VRIDHI is not a journalism company but is one of the most respected Financial Planning company in Chennai and as well as India. We help others plan their finances and live in an organized way.

India is going through a touch phase, and our media and journalists should be more focused on healthy issues on their tv channels… atleast on prime time! But the sad thing is… as we write this article all major main stream tv channels, currently are spending their prime time on debating Director General of Police Vanzara’s letter about NarendraModi… how ridiculous that they just need a story on Modi to increase their TRP ratings. The quality of debates don’t matter anymore, the TRPs alone matter!

There are hundreds of ‘quality’ issues which can be discussed. No media runs continuous stories on scams or on the matters which are haunting the country right now. Even if now someone tells us now that again we are biased, since this is a story involving a CM of a state. We would still debate that this matter is not of great relevance since the contents of the letter are still not verified or proven.

How many of you are aware that a FIR was recently issued on Delhi CM Sheila Dikshit for alledged misuse of public money to win the 2008 assembly polls? Most of us may not have seen the news, simply because it was not hyped about by our so called journalists, or maybe they ran the news as scrolls for formality sake! They need to come out of the obsession of Modi… atleast for the countries sake and leave the judgment to the public.

We had almost stayed away from posting the news letter for quite some time. There have been various factors behind it. Let’s not dwell about them. But yes, we have been receiving requests from many and we intent to write our views regularly henceforth. Infact as well wishers you can text us or even mail us reminding us to post our views, in case if we miss. All appreciations, suggestions, criticisms, sarcasms will be taken in right strides.

Market details will be posted regularly henceforth and hence would like to keep this posting as short as possible by discussing one of the most important, rather by discussing the tsunami which can hit the entire country.

The Standard and Poors (S&P) already have a Negative rating of BBB- on India and have said that there are 1 in 3 chances that India might be further downgraded if things don’t improve on ground. Our PM-FM-PC Chairman all are economists, but they fail to realize that even a notch downgrade now would mean categorization of India to Junk Status!

If this happens we will see money flooding out of the Indian Economy and Stock Markets. Most of the pension funds are not even allowed to invest in countries with junk status. Govt. needs to act, act swiftly, and god knows if they would ever! The Rupee hitting new lows daily is the signal towards this.

So expect market to be volatile. Life of an investor will not be any easy, atleast until this corrupt govt. is voted out of Delhi.

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Our well wishers are our strength

Most probably, by the time you would be reading this note, our website would have crossed the 1,00,000 visitors mark. We agree that when compared to some of the famous websites this may be a small number but for a company which made a humble beginning not very long ago this achievement is by no means, small !

VRIDHI was founded by the undersigned who is a first generation entrepreneur. The recognition we have got today has not been achieved overnight. Vivek Karwa had been working very hard for the first 7-8 years of career and the results of the same have shown up only in past 3 – 4 years in the form of success! We at VRIDHI have always been honest, and been genuine to the investors and thus, though slow we are happy where we stand today.

Frankly we have seen actual VRIDHI after the inception of our company VRIDHI as a Pvt. Ltd. entity, today we have three private limited companies in our group. We believe that if a person continues to focus on excellence success will never let you down, but keep in mind you, you may have to remain patient for very long. We have been working for investor’s interest, and would like to be recognized as the best personal financial advisors in TN soon and would like to be in the top 10 list in India in the near future.

We would be lying if we say 100% of our clients are fully satisfied but yes except few rare cases none of them have left us! 100% can’t be achieved by anyone and if someone claims so you can easily assume a hidden agenda there. We as a company run by an IFA – Independent Financial Advisor cannot afford to lose clients unlike large companies who have number of people working to bring 10 new clients if 1 leaves them.

The undersigned, now-a-days gets invited as guest speaker at various meetings and programs by companies and many a times shares stage with top bureaucrats. Even today, a company with global turnover of over 15000 Crs had invited the undersigned to educate their employees. You all know we have great passion for educating investors and one interesting question put by a person in the meeting was:

We are so busy in our daily routine and you say go only through a good advisor, how can we find out if our advisor is honest and good?

Our Answer: If you find any of these symptoms in your advisor, its time to change him/her

1. Your advisor is also your relative, brother in law, etc,. : If you feel you are giving business to these people to oblige them then immediately stop doing so. Oblige them in other ways not by investing your hard earned money.

2. Your HR ties with a company which sells same product to all: Any advisor/company selling the same product to all applying blanket rule then stay away! No two people are same and hence One product may not suit all.

3. Your advisor is a One Medicine Doctor: Imagine your advisor (read agent) has a tie up with just one company so what choices does he have but to sell this one product alone to you? If you doctor sells say only crocin then he has no other option to advise you crocin in case of fever, headache, even for liver failure!

There are many agents in the market who are either just an “Insurance Agent or Mutual Fund Agent” hence they will hear you patiently and finally end up giving you their product! These are just product sellers though they may call themselves planners!

4. Question Back: once an advice is given ask your agent why is this product which he is giving you good for you?

This list is not exhaustive but these few points itself can help you keep you’re hard earned money safe. We are sure some personal mails would be sent to us from our One Medicine Doctors asking us not to write so frankly, we are here to build relationships with our clients for next 20-25 years minimum and hence better be honest so as not to regret later.

Expecting your Similar Support to VRIDHI ever


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Supershot by Ganguly

Looks like all Ganguly’s exit in style! Be it Cricketer Sourav Ganguly or the Supreme Court’s judge justice Asok Kumar Ganguly! Sourav Ganguly called it a day at an appropriate time and is being respected even today, Justice Ganguly will be remembered the way he delivered the historical judgement on 2G scam in the morning and then Retired at 4pm! The nation should thank the justice for giving back the nation its rightful asset which some of the politicians in the present government under the “guidance” of some big one’s looted. By no stretch of imagination should we imagine that the scam’s master mind is Raja who is celebrating his first year in jail today, his jail anniversary comes on the same day of the SC judgment! What a co-incidence!

One should understand that exiting at the correct time does not mean a defeat. In fact, it raises your dignity and respect in the eyes of people. The so called most honest person has fallen in love with the chair and is acting as dumb-deaf-blind when it comes to taking action against the few most dishonest people around him. The “Love with the Chair” phenomenon can be seen even in organizations where few people try to remain in posts permanently. Selfish people will always bring out Zero Loss theories since they work not for the country but just want to keep pleasing their boss. These people being Indian don’t work for India how can you expect the honesty from others? Just how cricketers in order to hit the “century of centuries” start shivering the moment 90 runs are crossed since at that point of time the interest of self overtakes the nation’s interest.

The only reasoning the corrupt people give for all wrong things is that they just followed Vajpayee led NDA government’s policies. That means only NDA 6 year rule has done all wrong things in the country since independence and all others daily take bath by milk! Grow up! People like swamy are right when they recommend some of these people to revisit their school of law! So will these corrupt people now refund all the monies which may have been illegally earned from these corporate’s who mostly may have been arm twisted in paying up the bribes.

The government has been committing one mistake after another, the sole reason for this is not accepting the fact that they are corrupt and trying to pass the blame on the other governments which only reflects their arrogance and immaturity and hence Saturdays verdict on the home minister may change many equations. These corrupt people sold the 2G for Rs.9000 approx, the latest 3G bid got the government almost Rs.69000 Crs, going by the arithmetic the re-auctioning of 2G can fetch the government around Rs.97000 Crs!

The SC has asked the non functional government to frame the policy within four months. Rs.97000 Crs is a huge amount which will really bring some relief to the alarming fiscal deficit burden. But one can’t be sure how will this money be spent? By way of legal bribing schemes like the “NREGA” or announcing newer Loan Waiver schemes ahead of the 2014 general elections.

This is the first time in history that a army chief has taken the government to the court. Instead of showing maturity and giving way to the army chief the government wants to fight back. They don’t understand that his post is so vulnerable one. An unhappy army chief can always be contacted by terrorist countries like the Pakistan and lure such hurt people to take revenge on the government.

Even after all these, if these people come to power in the present election bound states then God save our country from our own foolish voters! People will only get the government which they deserve.

Jai Hind


Writing as a Honest Bharatiya citizen.

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26/11 one yr later

Today, 26/11 is being remembered (read celebrated) across the country. Condolences meetings have been arranged by many organizations, protest rallies against terror have been carried out in many cities, School children have been dragged out in the sun today to hold posters alleging that terror is bad, many ministers from the Govt. including the Prime Minister seem to have suddenly got concerned about the public and have been issuing statements that justice would be done, last but not the least, it’s a gala time for media as they are literally very busy extending microphones at celebrities to get there comment on the day & arranging seminars in “air conditioned” hotels to discuss on how to deal with these dreaded terrorists!

So what has happened over the one year?

  1. Pakistan is as defiant as ever and is not ready to even agree that the plan was plotted on Pakistani soil.
  2. Ajmal Kasab, the only terrorist caught alive is still under trail and is enjoying his life thinking this Govt. can’t do anything! Afzal Guru, the perpetrator of parliament attack is still not hanged by this Govt. hence any terrorist will not fear his life if caught alive.
  3. India is busy extending business ties with United States which has been and is still indirectly supporting Pakistan, very well knowing where the so called AID money is being re-directed.

We need not talk with numbers but it’s well know that:

– Thousands of people have been massacred in Kashmir since independence.

– A bomb blast goes off like a Diwali cracker now and then in Assam killing innocent civilians.

– Naxals have been killing and beheading people and police in many states. Can they thrive without support of our politicians?

– Terror attacks are not uncommon in India, our statistical organizations are so great that no one would even know how many thousand have died in various attacks if not lacs!

So why this XXL focus on 26/11?

Why no one talks about other attacks where innocent people have been dying time and again?

We believe 26/11 is a special event because “RICH” people got caught and died this time! Everyone of them is concerned that this kind of attack should not happen, atleast on the RICH!

No ones concerned about the life of that Ordinary Indian who usually gets stuck in such wicked plots! The 26/11 attack on the bear bar and the five start hotels shook everyone. Let’s stop the mockery of the dead and do something serious.

May the Souls of all people who have died in the countless attacks on India Rest in Peace.

Jai Hind.

Vivek Karwa



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Youth is the Future of India

“Many partygoers were taken into custody in Mumbai in October’08 amidst lot of protest by them. Urine and Blood samples were collected from all and the report says 70% of them tested positive for drugs consumption.”


+ Youth is the future of India! This is a phrase we hear quiet often and must have heard those words ourselves when we were in college. A Youth may be defined as a person who is in the age range of 25 – 35 years and hence I myself fall in this category. Our seniors expect us to lead the country march ahead. The country can leap ahead if today’s Indian Youth contributes to the nation by his deeds, which result in creation Economic Value. This is by way of Intellectual Knowledge, Social Activities (Not Partying), Sharing of Know How, Giving a Helping had to those requiring etc.


+ Not that our country would get into a deadlock if majority of the youth community does not contribute. We would still be left with some responsible people who will have to shoulder major part. The others would move with time and change accordingly with the situation but do not expect them to move ahead of time and think futuristic.


+ The above news clearly shows where is today’s youth headed. The people caught and tested positive for drug consumptions are particularly from Middle and Affluent class and not restricted to male population. This is an area where ladies have acquired equal rights to their male counterparts without lodging any agitation or demans.


+ Iam in a department connected to Police and help them nab people drinking and driving in the night particularly after 11 p.m. and the operation whenever launched goes till 2 a.m. When people drink and drive they risk their lives and Iam not bothered about their lives, why should I bother about them when they themselves don’t care about their lives? They not only risk their lives, they also risk lives of people who are innocent and are either returning home after late night work or on account of other genuine reasons. We have heard several hit and run cases and some of which are quite famous like the BMW case of Delhi, in which the car ran over six sleeping laborers killing them all!


+ Startling information for you is when we perform the above checks on the road, 80% of the people caught drunk while on the drivers seat are not more than 35 years of age and hence falling in the so called Future of India’s Youth Category. Not just drunk we nab them racing with friends and majority of them do not carry proper papers.


+ Many times television channels simply venture out and throws out unexpected questions to people moving on roads. One of the funny question I once saw was “Who’s the President of India” and trust me 50% were wondering what’s the answer! How could one know the answer when they do not have habit of reading newspapers or watching news channels? If at all today’s youth puts on the TV the majority would be busy with Cricket and nothing else, and again when these people open the paper they do it from the back, yes the sports column first and yet just one Gold in Olympics.


+ We saw what happened at the Govt. Law College in Chennai last week. These are the future lawyers of India caught on camera beating each other mercilessly in an inhumanly manner. Today’s youth tries to be successful in academics with an intention of finding a job outside India and settling permanently away from home. Ask them why and they would give an excuse that there are no opportunities in India, ask them the reasons and the blame game would continue and the blame would next directly go on to the politicians, further ask them why is that? They would say the public votes all frauds to power again ask them do you vote? The answer now would be a big NO!


+ I would like to stop here without concluding or announcing the verdict for or against anyone, so that you and me as a reader start thinking about the hard facts mentioned and if possible, first change ourselves and then discuss what could be done for the country.


*The article may be copied/published anywhere freely without prior permission but with due credit to the author with the email id clearly mentioned.


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Raining Money, Responsibility?

+ Its raining money out there, the excitement is at its height, let’s rejoice and share the moment of joy. Who said it’s recession time? You, by now, most probably be thinking that Vivek has gone mad and is not writing in his actual senses. How could one speak on such a bull tone when Indian Stock Market has lost its bottom, inflation is biting into our pockets hour by hour, one is not sure after returning home if he will have his job tomorrow or not. Relax the remarks are not for me or you, they are for our beloved central government officers who have reason to celebrate as the recent pay commission bill would finally be implemented. Read the news bit… “In a bonanza to officers of Central Public Sector Undertakings, the government on Thursday announced a hefty 50 to 300 per cent increase in pay-package with effect from January 1, 2007. A Cabinet meeting, chaired by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, approved the new scales for 1,20,000 non-unionised supervisory staff and 2,58,000 board level officers in 216 operational Central PSUs” Call it a poll gimmick, or is the pay hike is in recognition of the services of these officers (which most of us may not agree) would remain answered.


+ Some of you may ask… we all seek salary hikes from our bosses. Every human being has aspirations and expects his income to rise year on year. Though the timing may be wrong, as the financial crises is on its peak, but there’s nothing wrong with the salary hike of government employees. With due respect to all those who may come with an argument in support of the hike, let’s introspect. Private sector employees are loaded with work pressures, there are targets set by the employers, which have to be met or you may be shown the door. You must have reasons to ask for a hike, unless and otherwise you prove to be productive you would not be paid a paisa. None of these factors apply to a government servant! There’s no go for you on this, you will have to agree with me on this.


+ We must have many times read in various sources, and would also agree that most (baring few honest human beings) of the Govt. employees earn atleast Three times their official salaries. Lets forget other benefits they enjoy. This Three times is an average estimate, it could be less in some departments and may be multiple times in others, I must remind that this money is unaccounted and hence totally tax exempt, unless caught which is rare. Further this hike (50 – 300%) comes with NO ADDITIONAL RESPONSIBILITY!


+ If we get a hike in our salary, no doubt more work is squeezed out of us and are also made responsible for failures. Has any Govt. employee ever been questioned why does our drainage system fail correctly on the day it rains? Why was it not checked before the monsoon season set in?


+ Many examples can be mentioned from our day-to-day life, which would reflect failures of Govt. departments in various fronts and we are sure no action against them would be ever taken on account of their association with various labour unions.


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