Financial Planning

VRIDHI – "Planning, for Your Financial Prosperity"

The Financial System is a Constant Changing area where it is difficult for a person to keep pace with the changes.


Financial Planning is a process where a person can plan in such a way that he tries to meet all expenses/commitments on schedule till his/her death, hence not being dependent on anyone. The process involves foreseeing the future requirements and allocating resources today!


*Most people confuse and relate Financial Planning just to Investments, which is totally wrong, Financial Planning is much wider subject than many think so!


Why Financial Planning?


Let’s give a thought over the below few questions and we would get the answers ourselves.


1.   Concept of Joint Family is dying fast, we have to take care of ourselves in the current nuclear family system, which can be done only if we plan properly.


2.   This is not to scare you but the hard fact is that life has become so unpredictable. Diseases, Accidents, Terror, etc., can strike anyone anywhere. Even a small appendix operation could lead you spend minimum Rs.20000/- in a small hospital.


3.   Inflation is biting into pockets of everyone. A family could survive with Rs.5000/m in the year 1998 imagine the scenario today yourself. If your monthly household expenses are Rs.25000 today the same would be Rs.41000/m approx ten years hence at just 5% inflation rate.


4.   If we require hot cash today in case of an emergency, be it for hospital expenses, children’s fees, in case you miss a months salary due to sudden unexpected lay off, etc., would you like to seek help from relatives, friends? If yes how many would seriously help you? How nice would it be if you have a plan in place to meet such adversities?


5. Would you like to plan for a Foreign Trip with your family? or would you like to plan for a bigger better House and a Car?


Many more situations like the above can be mentioned, but we feel the answer to the question “Why Financial Planning” has been already answered in your mind.


Vivek Karwa being a Practising Certified Personal Financial Advisor, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERCM, and Certified International  Wealth Manager* hence can help you achieve your Financial Goals & Aspirations.


You for Sure require our Expert Service in case:


1.You are too busy: If you are very busy in your existing job/business then its most likely your money may not be working as hard as you are! Proper planning can help you optimise your financial performance.


2.You randomly invest or buy products: No Product can be termed as Good or Bad, the real fact is we have to choose which suits us best. Product ABC may suit one person and Product XYZ may suit another! We will help you choose which suits you most. Beware of product sellers who say theirs is the best and all others are bad!


3.Your existing agent deals only in one product: In this case the Agent will only sell you the product which he gets commission from irrespective of it being useful for you or not!


There are many such Agents in the market who deal only in Mutual Funds or Insurance or Post Office etc,. Hence they can advice you only what is good for themselves!


Our Chief Planning Officer Mr.Vivek Karwa terms these agents as “ONE MEDICINE DOCTORS”


4.You have multiple agents for multiple products: This is a result of above point. No agent will know fully about you hence deal with people who can advise you across the spectrum.


We at VRIDHI can help you plan irrespective of your geographical location. Since ours is Knowledge based service, we can help you over Telephone/Internet/Email.


Mr. Vivek Karwa is fluent in Hindi, English, Marwadi, Tamil… hence Geography and Language cannot be a Barrier for you to get Right Advice!


For all details, contact us in your own Interest!


Jyoti Jain

Comprehensive Financial Planner



Vivek Karwa, CFPCM

Financial Planner & Wealth Manager




Mobile: +91 – 9551-06-08-08


Email: &


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 (we at VRIDHI charge affordable and reasonable Fees for our services. This ensures that you get the Right Advice and Professional Service)



Listen to a Financial Planner:



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91 thoughts on “Financial Planning

  1. Hello,

    I am looking for your valuable advice from your team on equity Investment. Looking for long term equity Investment horizon 3 to 5 years.
    kindly send the fee structure for a personal financial plan.



  2. Hi Sir,I would like to do mutual fund portfolio rebalancing. Kindly advice the fee structure and how to proceed further.


  3. Hi,
    I wish to have a diversified portfolio having exposure in mutual funds (both regular and tax saving), fixed income scheme’s such as ppf/tax saving bonds etc and Gold ( ETF or E-Gold ).
    Can you please help me with it ?


  4. hi sir how are you.

    Myself kamal iam 24 years old , working in shipping industry my monthly salary was 20 k , would like you invest some money to secure my future , will be looking for your support and advice .


  5. Hello,

    I am looking for financial advise on where to invest my hard earned money for better future, I will give more details in the process


  6. Dear Sir,

    Greetings. am balachandar ,age 39 salaried person, am from joint family ,i have 4 sisters ,till jan 2017 am not invested even a rupee, my wife passed away on Jan 2017 ,now am worrying about life and future..
    i have a son ,he is 3 years old ,this year he joined in the school, advice me to do some investments for retirement life and for my son..



    1. Hi Bala have sent you the below mail, pls check and reply:


      Saw your comment on our website and my feelings are with you.

      In you case, I will take care personally and will also not charge u anything.

      Please call me on my personal number: 9***


      Vivek Karwa, विवेक करवा, விவேக் கர்வா
      Certified Financial Planner, Investment Adviser & Portfolio Manager

      Office: +91- 95510-6-08-08 | Office WhatsApp: 955-111-05-05 | VK Desk: 9381024365
      Website: | Facebook: | LinkedIn: VivekKarwa


  7. am a newbie to the sharemarket/mutual funds , I would like to get started with MF thru SIP ( long term) am 31 years old. need your guidance to get started.


  8. Dear sir,
    I am kumaresh age 29. now i am working in saudi arabia. Im investor in equaity market and mutual fund from 2015 . I have 30 stock in my portfoilo all Nifty 50 stocks . please give advice its correct way or not. i am invseting 50000 per month for wealth creation .



  9. Dear Mr.vivek,

    I watch ur pgm at sun news regularly ,would say a big fan of urs…I would like to take ur advice on financial planning and would need ur advice to invest in stocks and mf..I would like to know your fee mode as well..



  10. Hi Vivek sir,
    I am your huge fan. I would like to take your advice.
    How do we proceed further.



  11. Hello Vivek, Good Morning. Last week i have seen your interview/discussion about financial planning and im impressed very much. We are in same wavelength and myself and my dad has decided immediately to investment with the help of your vridhi. Please Let me the know the details further to discuss on the same. Thank you. – Ramakrishnan


  12. Hi vridhi,

    I need your advice for financial planning for this year . i am 25 year old bpo employee i have plan to invest some amount in safe. so i need your assitance for my secure saving for my future.




  13. dear sir

    I am khadar age about 33 my current salary 32000/- permonth I can invest monthly 3000/- so please advice for financial planning and investment. Let me know the your fee structure also

    thanks & regards


  14. Hi sir,

    This new year I am looking to invest to earn good returns over time. Please help me with possible advise..






    MY EMAIL ***



  16. Hi Vridhi,

    i need financial advise kindly let me know how to contact you people for getting your help also let me know the fee structure


  17. I need financial advise kindly let me know how to contact you people for getting your help also let me know the fee structure.



  18. This is vidhya from chennai. my husbands salary is 5.5lakhs p/a. we can save 6000per month. want to invest in mutual funds through sip.
    looking for your advice


  19. Dear Mr. Karva, I am impressed with your suggestions/comments in SUN news programme . I need your expert advice on investments


  20. I used to watch u r program in sun TV. .I need some fin. Planning advices and planning to go stock buys for long term..I need u r fee structure to enroll..Thanks


  21. Hi,

    I would like to request your help in my financial planning.

    Suggest me how can i contact you.



  22. Hi ,

    Need I am looking for financial planning + investment options for my girl child.

    Please advice,

    Thanks / Jasmine


  23. i need financial advise kindly let me know how to contact you people for getting your help also let me know the fee structure


  24. Hi, Mr. Vivek Karwa
    I m Niranjan Jha(Happy) from Rajkot Guj. sir meri monthly income 10,000 hai jisme se 5,000 main saving kar leta hu aur is paise ko invest me laga sakta hu to please mujhe batayen ki kya 10 saal ki koi aisi skeem hai jisse ye paise main per month 5,000 invest karu aur baad me mujhe 10 saal baad kitna profit ho sakega


  25. Dear virdhi, I am new to shares but I am interested in investing in it. So cOuld you kindly help me in doing so. Looking forward your reply.



  26. Hi, I need financial planning for my investments(share/insurance/mutulfunds).
    kindly advise me.


  27. Hi Vridhi,

    I want to start invest in Mutual funds so pleas i need professional suggestions for selections of portfolio. Plz can you people help me……


  28. I am a doctor by professor. I have a portfolio of 30 shares on which I am regularly tracking.
    require professional advice


  29. Thanks you all for your kind and motivational words… we at VRIDHI will see to that we always exceed your expectations.


    Vivek Karwa


  30. I was earlier fully unplanned. Though I was earning good salary past many years nothing was remaining in my hand at end of every month. In recent past i was worried about the various commitments which i need to prepare for. A friend of mine who is a client also of vridhi introduced me to mr.vivek karwa. I was earlier hesitant if he would really be interested in meeting me. My notions were wrong. Mr.Karwa, though touching skies in his profession and a celebrity was actually totally down to earth person.
    He planned every aspect of my future and iam proud to be his client now.
    Thanks mr.karwa
    god bless


  31. every person who thinks he should live a planned life, should not miss the services and expertise of mr.vivek karwa. The levels of professionalism and the honesty cannot be matched by any other advisor or planner i have met till date.

    madhu nagarajan


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