Trading Account

Trading and Demat Account

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VRIDHI Investment Intermediates Pvt. Ltd., Chennai, is a SEBI registered Stock Broker and a Sub-Broker.


VRIDHI is a member of Madras Stock Exchange Ltd., (MSE): SEBI Regn No: INB041321531, and a Sub-Broker: SEBI Regn No:INS017176137 affiliated to (MSEFSL) MSE Financial Services Ltd., (a member of Bombay Stock Exchange Ltd.,): SEBI Regn No: INB011116931


A. Documents required for opening a Trading & Demat Account (for Corporate’s):-


Documents for KYC of all Directors:

  1. Proof of Residence & ID Proof (Address should match in the proof and application) Any One:
    1. Ration Card
    2. Passport
    3. Voter ID
    4. Bank Statement or Pass book with photo (duly attested by Bank)
    5. Driving License
  2. One Passport size photo
  3. PAN card copy

Documents for KYC/Account opening of the Company:

  1. Proof of Registered & Administrative office address: (Address should match in the proof and application):
    1. Lease Deed
    2. Latest bank statement – Original or Copy attested by the Managing Director/CA/CS
  2. Certified True copy of Memorandum and Articles of Association
  3. Certified True copy of Certificate of Incorporation
  4. PAN Card Copy
  5. Board Resolution (In Company’s Letter Head, as per the prescribed format given in application.
  6. Name, designation and specimen signature of the Authorized Signatories with photos self attested (on Company’s Letter Head) duly attested by Managing Director/Company Secretary or by the Bank
  7. List of Directors (In company’s Letter Head)
  8. Photo pan card of all the authorized signatories
  9. Cancelled cheque leaf and latest bank statement
  10. Share holding pattern (In Company’s Letter Head)
  11. Balance sheet of 2 financial years
  12. Total Photos: Directors: 5 each
  13. Cash or Cq for Rs.500/- favoring VRIDHI Investment Intermediates Pvt. Ltd., towards documentation charges.
  14. Cash or Cq for Rs.1000/- in favoring MSE Financial Services Ltd., towards Demat charges.
  15. Cq for trading, favoring MSE Financial Services Ltd., towards investment in Stocks.

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22 thoughts on “Trading Account

  1. Rahmath Sheriff A

    Sit, this is sheriff fm chennai. Like to open demat account & start stock trading. Are u deals with Intra trading. My plan is to purchase & hold stock minimum for 3 months. Is it possible. How about the charges & of course can get advise to invest in stock.


  2. Karthikeyan

    Hello, I have started investing into share market from June 2015 onwards and I am having demat / trading account in ICICIDirect, however each equity (buy / Sell) transaction they are charging 0.60% ( 1lac – Rs 750/ including tax), Is it possible to shift my trading account to ur trading company, Please let me know the procedure and please send me the fees details to my mail.


  3. Sowmya

    Hi, I am currently holding a demat account through a different brokering firm and would like to know if I can shift the demat account to your firm. I would also like to know the benefits / services that Vridhi offers for demat accounts. Please mail me.


  4. R. Kannan

    Dear Sir

    I am holding Demat account with ICICI, do i need to open another one with VRIDHI so to do Trading?



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