Wealth Creation

Guess how much you would get if you invest Just Rs.100/- p.m.

for 30 years @ 20% p.a.

(Your Total Invstmnt in 30 yrs = Rs.36000/- (Rs.100 x 30yrs x 12months)

Ans: Your investment would be worth mind blowing Rs.23.00 Lakhs!

Do you want to accumulate such wealth for yourself?

Each Drop of Water is essential to make a Mighty Ocean.

Every Rupee Saved is a Rupee Earned to Secure the Future.

     We as individuals, in our busy schedules, forget that we are getting older day by day and there would be a day when we would retire! In the routine life, a person spends all his time budgeting his present expenses to fulfil his/her family’s day to day needs and in the process forgets the long term goals.

     There would be a day when we will have to stop working due to old age, other unforeseen events, but would definitely require lot of money to survive and more over be Self Dependent.

The Only Mantra is to start Saving and Investing early to Secure your Future.

The table below shows what wealth you can create in the long run by investing a small portion of your income every month.

Compounded Annual Returns on Rs.100/- Invested p.m.

Duration in years

12% p.a.

15% p.a.

18% p.a.

20% p.a.

10 Yrs





15 Yrs





20 Yrs





25 Yrs





30 Yrs





*Value of Wealth may vary based on returns, duration, continuity, risk.

The table shows returns on Rs.100/- invested every month, Imagine the value we would accumulate if we invest higher amounts say Rs.1000/- , Rs.2000/- etc.,

Spending is Easy! Saving is Tough! We can help you Save!

Contact us for further information and queries.

Would you like to be Financially Free when you Retire?

Would you like to Retire holding your Head High with Esteem?

If Yes, to Plan for your RETIREMENT, get in touch with us NOW!


“Planning, for Your Financial Prosperity”

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*Download the brochure by clicking the “Wealth Creation” link under “Investment Products” section on the right hand side of this website. Please send it to your dear ones and let them also plan their future.

7 thoughts on “Wealth Creation

  1. sir,
    from the september on wards i would like to enter trading in equity and commodity, from last 4 months i am watching the market
    and learn various aspect about capital market, but some technical analysis are difficult to learn, could u conducting any training
    program for technical analysis ?


  2. Hello sir, i am 40 +aged, govt. servant. i like to about the wealth creation plan for attaining financial goal to meet my children studies at 6 years (rs. 6 lakhs.) and marriage at 13 years( 10 lakhs.) later.


  3. Hi Team,

    I’m so excited to gone through all the details about your esteemed organization.

    I would like to invest per month Rs. 10,000 for 10 years.

    Please suggest me how to do the process.

    Rajesh Kannan


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