IT Sector Layoffs

Pink Slips and Lay Offs in the Technology Sector is a common phenomenon now-a-days. Most people are terminated at the shortest notice period.

Majority of the people are not Financially Planned to face such situations.

A Financial Plan is must if you care for your loved ones. We at VRIDHI will walk your life with you. Call us for your Financial Planning today.

Below is the Audio of a conversation between the HR and an Employee of a Technology company. Hear it and THINK if can you handle such situation , if you were in his place. If you can’t handle… call VRIDHI now!

Click Here for the Audio.

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FATCA updation – urgent

All Equity Investors and Mutual Fund Investors need to update their FATCA details immediately.

VRIDHI Equity clients:

Please Click Here and download the Fatca updation form.

1. Tick ‘No’ if you are not a tax payer in any other country.

2. Write down the Client Code and Sign the form.

3. Scan and send the form and also courier it to us.

VRIDHI Mutual Fund clients:

Click the link: and in Table.1 you have links to update Fatca Online.

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Vivek Karwa Facebook Live

Mr. Vivek Karwa be going Live on facebook between 10 am to 10.30 am on Friday 14-4-2017 on the occasion of #TamilNewYear.

Be part of it and discuss on #FinancialPlanning, #StockMarkets, #Investments, and all other personal finance related questions. Do join and also share the info with all your known people.

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Posted on 14-4-2017:

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Tax Planning 2017-2018

Most people plan to save their taxes in fag end of the financial year. This leads to various mistakes due to lack of time.

It makes immense sense to plan your taxes in the beginning of the financial year.

If planned properly, the income earners up to Rs.5 Lacs can plan to pay minimal to zero tax in FY 2017-18. We at VRIDHI will be glad to do the Tax Planning for you. Call us today.

Women’s Day

We at #VRIDHI respect Women and salute those Women who strive hard to stand on their own legs!

On this day when the world is celebrating Women’s Day, we are pleased to offer Financial Planning, Investment Advisory and Wealth Counselling at ‘No Cost’ for all women.

You can directly interact with our Chief Financial Planner Mr. Vivek Karwa and take advantage of Expert Knowledge. Your location of stay does not matter for getting the right advice. Click Here

New CKYC Rules

Dear Investors,

SEBI has modified KYC rules. New CKYC rules for Mutual Fund investors:

1) Investors whose records are already existing in KRA as “KYC OK” may invest freely in any fund.

2) A new MF investor – first time investor whose records are not available in KYC-KRA will have to fill the new CKYC form.
3) The above rules are applicable for individual investors only including NRIs.
4) In case modifications to be made for existing KRA compliant investors, CKYC form to be filled in.

The new form will be available on CKYC link on our website shortly.